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Scholarships and Early College Courses

Each year, Early College for ME provides schools with a specific number of scholarships and a specific number of early college courses. Each school may identify two or three times the number of scholarship applicants as it has scholarships. On their applications, students indicate whether they are interested in taking a college course (if available) during their senior year. In approving students for the college course opportunity, schools may want to choose the more motivated students, those who need fewer credits to graduate, or those most likely to be successful in a college-level course.

We rely on your judgment to select the students who can meet eligibility criteria and have the potential to be successful in college—students who may just need the extra help and support our staff can provide.

This Early College for ME program helped my daughter confirm enrollment at CMCC. It has helped relieve the pressure of not knowing what to expect at college. My daughter is more prepared to enter college this fall.

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[The early college course] was a great way to introduce him to the importance of time management and expectations at the college level vs. high school.”

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