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Eligibility Criteria

Early College for ME relies on school personnel to identify appropriate students. We provide staff support to schools and students throughout program participation. To be eligible, students must be

  • 1. A junior in good standing and a responsible member of the school community;
  • 2. A Maine resident for at least one year before entering a Maine community college;
  • 3. Able to attend college full-time (minimum of 12 credit hours per semester) for consecutive semesters in a program of study; and
  • 4. Capable of succeeding in college but having no plans yet for college.

In addition, schools may take into consideration whether the student has a financial need and whether the student would be the first family member to attend college.

What one element of ECforME was most important for keeping you in college? Honestly? Probably the guidelines and expectations [we had to meet] to be able to earn the scholarship.

:: Student


I’m glad I was one to get the chance to be part of ECforME. I most likely wouldn’t be in school right now if it wasn’t for this program.”

:: Student


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